Review Policy

I am currently not accepting books for review unless I've reviewed for you before. 
below you can see my review policy for when I do accept books. 

I accept Young Adult and New Adult books for review, though if you have an adult book or middle grade book you really want reviewed, I'm willing to consider it.

If you're interested in me reviewing your book, email me at or

Please include the book title and summary, as well as an image of the cover (if possible) and a link to the book page on goodreads. 

I can accept physical copies of the book, or ebooks.

If I receive a copy of your book, I'll do my best to review it within the month, or if its an ARC I'll post it near the day it's released, unless it's preferred I review it as soon as I finish.

All reviews will be posted on my blog here and on my goodreads page. If it is asked of me to post somewhere else, I'll take that into account and post there as well if I can (Amazon, B&N, etc). 

If I review your book, I cannot guarantee a positive review. My reviews are based on my own opinions and are not influenced by outside sources. 

I hold the rights to not review a received book if I see fit. This shouldn't happen, but there's the rare possibility I cannot finish a book or really don't like it. If this is the case though, I most likely will write a DNF review explaining why.

I will consider reading a self published book, but I'm mostly not looking to review them. If the concept interests me enough, I might give it a go, but I cannot guarantee anything. 

Any questions email me at one of the emails provided above.

Please take note that I'm a new blog and I'm still working out the best ways for me to write reviews.

I hope to see your book on my shelf soon!! :)

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