Monday, March 10, 2014

Making Up for Monday #1

March 10: Do you lend books out and, if so, what are your rules to lending? 

I don't usually lend out my books. I'm very particular with the conditions of them. I always try to keep them in near perfect conditions, and I don't trust others to keep them that way. When someone breathes on a book I own, I feel like when I pick it back up again something is wrong and different. It'll bother me the whole time I read the book afterwards. It's pretty ridiculous actually that I'm so bad about this, but it's just how I am! 

If it happens to be a book I've had for years that I got and read before I cared about my book conditions as much, then I usually don't mind lending it out. I also will lend out secondhand books I get, as they aren't usually in the best conditions either. It's really only that I like my books to stay close enough to the condition I received them in, because secondhand books and other people's books don't bother me, it's just that when I get a new one I hate doing anything to make it look anything but perfect and will notice every little flaw. 

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